Envy Gaming retires its esports brand, becomes OpTic Gaming

Envy Gaming is now OpTic Gaming, the organization announced Monday in a video between Chief Gaming Officer Mike Rufail and President Hector Rodriguez.

The two North Texas esports brands merged in November 2021, but the Envy Gaming brand remained. After six months, the company retired that Envy brand, which was founded by Rufail in 2007, and took on an OpTic brand which dominates the Call of Duty landscape.

“When we merged our companies together, we had this thought of taking both of our brands and doing things with them and continuing to do the same things we’ve always done and grow them,” Rufail said in the video. “I had in the back of my mind there was a potential to sunset Envy and invest all our resources in OpTic. Basically, what we’re going to do is take the Envy brand out of esports right now.”


OpTic Texas, which sits at No. 2 in the Call of Duty League standings, had a standout championship run at their own Esports Stadium Arlington in March.

Only a few details changed with the move, with more to come. The Envy Rocket League team adopting the OpTic name and Envy’s Geoff Moore relinquished the President role to Rodriguez, but remained COO. The Envy Foundation, a grant program helping North Texas middle schools and high schools, is now the OpTic Foundation. Justin “Wizzrobe” Hallet became OpTic Wizzrobe.

Visually, the company will have a lot more OpTic green, including the logo outside the headquarters in Victory Plaza — the Envy “E” will eventually become the OpTic Gaming logo.

One brand detail that survived the move was the Dallas Fuel name, which will stay during the team’s fifth season in the Overwatch League. Rufail found it crucial to keep the Fuel name, saying the brand was “engrained in the Overwatch community.”

While Envy didn’t have the same reach as OpTic, Rufail also acknowledged the followers of the 15-year-old esports brand.

“Anybody out there that ever gave us love, bought our jerseys, supported our players, you guys mean everything to me,” Rufail said.

Both brands had a lot to gain from the November merger. Envy Gaming had an established financial backing and a history of winning championships with a fancy HQ. OpTic had the brand reach and content gurus.

It was an esports match for the ages. OpTic Gaming continues to evolve.

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