Fact-Check of Video Aired on Panjshir

Using the InVID We-Verify Google Chrome extension, we extracted some keyframes from the viral video posted by Hasti TV and found that the video was also posted by a Twitter user called Faran Jeffery (Natsecjeff).

According to Jeffery’s Twitter bio, he is the deputy director of UK-based Islamic Theology of Counter-Terrorism (ITCT).

We conducted keyword searches for the game with screenshots of the footage from the viral video and found the link to a video posted in January on a YouTube channel called “Compared Combat”.

The video, which was posted on 25 January, had the sequence as the viral video starting from 1:40.

A comparison of the viral video with a zoomed-in version of the viral video shows that it is taken from the same video game. The same video was also uploaded on other YouTube channels.

This is not the first time that the footage from the video game has been used out of context. Earlier last year, a part of the game was used to claim that Armenia shot down an Azerbaijani MiG-25 in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region. You can read our fact-check here.

Earlier in May, when Israel had launched an attack on Palestine, the same video clip was shared with a claim that it showed the “Israel Defense System”. The claim was fact-checked by Reuters.

Evidently, an ARMA 3 video game simulation was shared with a false claim that it showed Pakistan getting involved in the fight between Taliban and the resistance forces in Panjshir.

This news is republished from another source. You can check the original article here

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