Fans wonder why Rockstar Games never celebrated GTA 4’s 10th anniversary

Unfortunately, GTA 4 has received little attention from Rockstar Games since its initial release in 2008. This has resulted in many fans wondering why, even on its 10th anniversary four years ago, the developers did nothing to commemorate the incredible milestone.

Rockstar Games is well aware of the GTA series’ legacy and has constantly tried to honor many of the older games in the franchise by releasing remastered editions and new updates. This can help in making a title relevant again and may improve many of its outdated aspects. But Grand Theft Auto 4 didn’t get this treatment.

Although the game has always been a black sheep in the Grand Theft Auto series, it still has a pretty substantial fanbase that loves everything that the offering represents. The topic of Rockstar Games’ relationship with this installment has always been debated, and this article will explore it further.

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Fans still waiting for Rockstar Games to officially celebrate the legacy of GTA 4

This recent Reddit post talks about the studio ignoring GTA 4 extensively, and many fans have shared their opinions regarding the issue. It might be worth mentioning, however, that the studio did release two critically acclaimed episodic expansions a year after the main title came out.

Just a few days ago, Rockstar Games celebrated the 20th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto Vice City by making the remastered edition of the title free on PlayStation Plus. This might be what prompted the post from NajjaciLik.

The decision to make Vice City free was seen as a clear indication that Rockstar Games was giving old-school fans something to care about. The same can be said for the entirety of GTA Trilogy – Definitive Edition, which is a good example of the developers showcasing their love for older releases in the franchise.

Rockstar Games has not done anything like this for Grand Theft Auto 4 in over a decade, is anybody’s guess. This is especially strange as the title has been hailed by many critics as one of the best installments in the franchise, so fans are still curious as to why the company never celebrated its 10th anniversary. Not only that, fans expressed their displeasure with the studio removing certain songs from the game’s radio.

What do fans think about Rockstar Games not celebrating GTA 4’s 10th anniversary?

Several Reddit users in the above-mentioned posts sarcastically talked about all of the copyrighted songs that Rockstar Games removed from Grand Theft Auto 4 with some of the “recent” patches it released. However, it would be wrong to solely blame the developers for this decision.

Here are some other responses:

The majority of fans are still waiting for Grand Theft Auto 4 to be ported to new-gen consoles, as only those who still own a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 are able to officially play the game at the moment. This is excluding PC gamers, of course.

Another user rightfully pointed out the fact that Rockstar Games similarly ignored the 10th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and never released a mobile version of the title.

All in all, most people are disappointed with the studio for not celebrating Grand Theft Auto 4’s 10th anniversary. Some individuals have presented theories as to why the title was ignored, which suggest that Niko’s voice actor Michael Hollick did not want to work with Rockstar Games, but this is just speculation.

There are also people who think that the poor reception of GTA Trilogy might have affected any plans for Grand Theft Auto 4 being remastered.

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