FIFA 23, for the Pro Clubs and for the VOLTA Football game: the news of football show in video

After discussing the improved replays and realistic stadiums of FIFA 23, Electronic Arts dedicates a new in-depth video of the football blockbuster to all the additions to the football show of the VOLTA Football and Pro Club.

If you want to take a more immersive and personal football experience, then you’ll find in the FIFA 23-Pro club a full series of new tools and features to make your dream come true. In this particular mode, there are 66 games of skill, virtual setting in which to improve the challenges that your athlete has proposed and how to earn weekly XP points so that you can boost the online rankings.

Even the new version of VOLTA Football, for its part, promises to reserve a lot of surprises for FIFA 23 players. Experience with the games playing in the VOLTA football arenas is very immediate and, the same time, layered, only think of adding the Attack Perks to the already wide range of Benefits to make your teams play style more spectacular.

What’s particularly interesting is the improvement of the offensive disadvantages, such as the ability to intercept and interrupt opponents passes or shots, and the introduction of a function that accelerates the defense for 40 seconds after losing possession of the ball. With the hope that the exhibit will take the better effect, Electronic Arts will concentrate on the expansion of the spectrum of stage offerings. The addition of new awards to Drop-in shows, the possibility of playing overtime with the Golden Goal rule and the limitation of the scope of stage. The Seasonal Events promises to organize them on the same six week basis, as well as the rewards of Season Points on the VOLTA Coin in their collection, on the basis of the results of the matches and, plus importantly, on the basis of FIFA 23 appearances.

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