Fight Forever Video Game, Promises To Test Out All The Moves On Serpentico

Nyla Rose is super pumped for the release of the AEW: Fight Forever.

The Native Beast and former women’s champion spoke with Fightful about the upcoming video game, and how she’ll finally be able to play as herself. Rose later adds that her biggest joy will be testing out all of the moves in the game on her greatest rival, Serpentico. Highlights from the interview are below.

Says she’s really excited for the game:

That has me super excited. Big gamer. I don’t have to spend hours upon hours creating myself before playing the game. I can just boot it up, jump right in. Unless I’m unlockable. If I have to unlock myself, I’m gonna be so irritated.

Promises to test out all of the moves in the game on Serpentico:

Oh, my God. The only thing that would be more irritating than that is if they made me play as Serpentico. I would lose my mind. He’s gonna be the character that I make to test out all the moves on.

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