Final Cut hits impressive sales milestone

This War of Mine has surpassed seven million copies sold, just as the latest edition, Final Cut, launches on Xbox Series X|S consoles, bringing a wealth of improvements, 4K visuals, and more.

This War of Mine’s relevance to current affairs is striking, and while the news comes as a bittersweet celebration, the core of the game is impactful and deserves the fantastic milestone of seven million copies sold. The news comes just as its current-gen version, This War of Mine: Final Cut, launches on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Game Pass, and PS5.

What is This War of Mine: Final Cut?

This War of Mine: Final Cut is the “most polished” version of the game released on consoles to date. It’s an amalgamation of eight years’ worth of updates, patches, tweaks, and content from two major updates: Anniversary Edition and Final Cut. The Anniversary Edition will add three additional locations, new NPC civilians, a new scenario to experience, a brand-new playable character, and a host of new achievements. The Final Cut update remasters many locations from the base game and DLC packs with new quests and events, adds 4K visuals, and includes some UI adjustments.

The base game’s paid DLC isn’t included in the Final Cut Edition, but you can purchase The Little Ones, Father’s Promise, The Last Broadcast, and Fading Embers in one bundle called the All Expansions Pack. Additionally, This War of Mine: Complete Edition includes both the Final Cut and the All Expansions Pack in one bundle.

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