For One Scene, The Northman Becomes The Best Video Game Movie Ever

After spending years telling himself to avenge his father, save his mother, and kill his uncle Fjölnir, Viking-prince-turned-berserker Amleth embarks on a journey to Iceland to enact his plan of revenge once and for all. Once in Iceland, he poses as a slave and starts terrorizing his uncle’s army, killing them off one-by-one.

But before he can truly take revenge on Fjölnir, he needs to level up a bit. After a brief visit to a He-Witch that talks to the disembodied head of a court jester (the severed head of Willem Dafoe, no less), the quest-giver tells Amleth that he needs a magical sword to defeat his uncle, which he must take from an ancient burial site.

That’s right. In the middle of this epic tale of revenge, Amleth literally goes on a side quest to find some loot from a magic cave. After finding the remains of an ancient ship in the decrepit tomb, and the lone skeleton of a warrior sitting on a throne, Amleth tries to grab the sword … and the skeleton seemingly comes to life and challenges our hero to a duel.

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