Forspoken Merchandise Revealed; Includes Shirts, Pin Badges, Coins, and a Jacket

Forspoken‘s set to launch fairly soon, and while only a demo version of the game is currently available for download, you can already order some Forspoken-themed merchandise if you’re hyped for the game.

The merchandise line, aptly titled “The Forspoken Collection,” includes clothing, coins, and pin badges. The designs are fairly simple, so you can wear them casually without drawing too much unwanted attention. 

The shirts feature a gold printed logo that adds a little bit of style and flair to an otherwise plain top, and the jacket offers a more low-profile branding alternative with the logo placed above the left chest pocket. The emblem that appears in the jacket is also the same emblem that you can find on Frey’s jeans in-game. 

The pins are also pretty neat. They’re fairly simple, like the rest of the Forspoken Collection, but the unique shapes and engravings do give them a premium-looking design. You can wear the pins alongside your Forspoken shirts or jacket, or you could also just put it on display as it makes a decent pin set to showcase somewhere in your room.

The Forspoken coin’s a nice little trinket that you can either fidget with or display due to its bright golden color. The coin seems to sport a silhouette of Frey, with her cape flowing in the wind as she dashes through Athia. 

All of the aforementioned Forspoken merchandise is actually available right now for preorder. Shipping will occur sometime in February, though the exact date depends on what item you’re getting. Preorder the Forspoken shirts, coin, jacket, and pin badges while they’re still available.

Forspoken is set to launch on PS5 and PC on January 24, with the PS5 exclusivity deal ending two years after launch.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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