Fortnite First-Person Mode Incoming According to Datamine

Fortnite recently made headlines when it added a mode with its flagship building mechanics stripped out, completely changing how the game plays. But, the developers at Epic Games weren’t done there, as a new Fortnite first-person camera has been found in the battle royale’s code. 

The camera was found by known Fortnite player and credible dataminer/leaker Hypex on Twitter. Hypex’s tweet came with a screenshot of the perspective that looks pretty legit. The tweet claims that the camera mode was first introduced to the game’s code with the most recent update, which means that it likely won’t come to the game for a little while yet, potentially next season. 

Exactly what the developers have in mind for the first-person perspective, or whether or not it will eventually make it into the game, is not clear. However, it does seem likely that the mode will be added eventually, as Fortnite has a strong history of experimenting and incorporating new mechanics and features with its seasonal updates.

If the mode is added it will likely be an optional mode and seems as though it would be a good addition to modes that don’t feature building as that may be difficult to do in the new perspective. It also is possible that it could be incorporated as part of the game’s story to change up the gameplay before adding it as an optional mode for players who enjoy it. 

Fortnite is available now on Android, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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