France looks to preserve language’s purity, translates even English video game jargons

In today’s globalisation, preserving the purity of a language may seem impossible. But it looks like the French officials will leave no stone unturned to ensure it. In a recent move, the officials of the country have come up with new translations of English video game jargons on Monday. With this move, these officials seem to have continued their centuries-old battle to secure purity of the language. Today’s sector of video games is full of anglicisms, which could act as “a barrier to understanding” for non-gamers, the culture ministry, which is handling the process, told AFP.  

Some expressions are easy translations like ‘pro-gamer’ becomes ‘joueur professionnel’ while others are a bit strained as “streamer” turns into “joueur-animateur en direct”.  


For years, France has been issuing warnings of the debasement of its language from England. Academie Francaise, which is a centuries-old language watchdog, warned of a “degradation that must not be seen as inevitable” in February. 

The changes made on Monday by the officials will have to be followed by government workers as they have been issued in the official journal. In the changes, “cloud gaming” has become “jeu video en nuage”, and “eSports” is now translated as “jeu video de competition”.  The whole idea behind the exercise was to allow people to communicate easily, said the ministry.   

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