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Sports represents a cultural aspect that draws a huge interest of numerous fans from all countries. When it comes to sports, we can’t help but mention the king sport – football.

Football is far beyond a normal sport. It’s a magical thing that can connect people and allow everyone to spread the joy of victory or overcome a defeat and bounce back even stronger than before.

Every football match that takes place always stands out as a focus of attention from the media and sports lovers. In order to accompany sports fans around the world in general and in Thailand in particular, Fun888.TV was created and has now become the leading website in Thailand with regard to sports, football, and Esports.

Outstanding features of Fun888TV

Fun888 TV is the official agent of Fun88 in Thailand, providing readers with the latest sports news.

1. Most up-to-date sports and football news

Fun888 TV is one of the top 10 football websites in Thailand. On, more than 25,000 matches from domestic tournaments to major tournaments in the world such as English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A… are constantly updated every minute, every second of every day.

Once you join Fun888.TV, you will not miss out on any sports and football news. We provide our users with the latest information about the match schedule, venue, participating teams, match results, player transfer and so on.

Aside from reporting news about football, Fun888TV also summarizes the latest happenings in other sports such as volleyball, basketball, badminton, tennis, golf, martial arts and many more.

2. Latest updates on the league tables and match schedules

At Fun888TV, you can easily follow the score results of the matches as well as league tables and match schedules of all domestic and international tournaments such as: Premier League, La Liga or C1 Cup. Every information is updated in detail with high accuracy.
3. Quality videos with various contents

In addition to information about sports and football, Fun88 Mobile also provides live links of ongoing matches. If for any reason you didn’t have the opportunity to watch those matches live, you can always watch them again on

Fun888.TV also offers a huge video collection of outstanding matches, interviews with players, coaches, side reports…

Why should you choose Fun888TV and not other sites?

It is no coincidence that Fun888 TV has become the number 1 choice of sports fans in Thailand. is preferred by Thai sports lovers for the following reasons:

● Sports and football news reported by Fun888TV is always the latest and most accurate. More importantly, most of the information is gathered from official sources. Fun888TV provides fastest news about match schedules, football score results, player transfer, details about coaches and famous football clubs.

● On the other hand, Fun888TV’s editorial team is extremely qualified, experienced and passionate about sports. They know how to satisfy the demands of viewers and always strive to provide the most useful information. Latest news is constantly updated so that readers have a better overview of domestic and international sports.

● Fun888TV also has a team of experienced experts who specialize in analyzing matches and bets. Their comments and match result predictions are an important source of reference for football fans.

● Fun888TV’ web interface is designed to be vivid and intuitive. Users at any age can navigate and access every content on the website at ease. The images and layout on the website are also brilliantly arranged, so it is not difficult for newcomers to use. What’s more, Fun888TV is compatible with all devices and operating systems, helping fans to remain updated with the latest sports news anytime, anywhere.

● In addition, Fun888.TV is also the best place for you to subscribe and receive the latest news about sports events. Simply register an account on Fun888TV and we will send you notifications whenever there is an update about your favorite matches, teams or players. Creating a new user account on is as easy as one two three. You just need to visit our website, click on the “Register” button that appears on the menu bar. Then fill in the provided form and follow the website’s instructions.

In short, is the ideal destination for sports enthusiasts. Here you will be updated with all the brand new information about sports, football, Esports in the country of Thailand and around the world.

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