Gallery: Final Fantasy 16 Is Jaw-Dropping In New PS5 Screenshots

Final Fantasy XVI is finally back in our lives, but with a summer 2023 release window, we’ve still go a long way to go until we’re hacking, slashing, and, er, summon-smashing on PS5. And as if to make the wait even harder, Square Enix has released a batch of new, in-game screenshots, which show some particularly stunning environments.

Gaze at them and feel the hype flow:

This game’s going to be a bit of a looker, isn’t it? We still remember the days when Final Fantasy would be pushing the boundaries of console visuals — but the series hasn’t hit those kinds of heights in years. Final Fantasy XVI, though…it’s shaping up to be a PS5 showpiece.

What do you think of Final Fantasy XVI so far? Draw your blade in the comments section below.

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