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Petaverse Network, founded by ex-Rockstar Games and 2K Games industry legends Susan and Lee Cummings, backed by investment from the likes of Fabric Ventures, Animoca Brands, Sebastien Borget from The Sandbox Dapper Labs, Liberty City Ventures, 1UP Ventures and many more, will showcase the best of pioneering technology innovation at Pocket Gamer Connects this year.


Petaverse is set to shake up the Web3 world with an unrivaled tech stack that underpins one of the most ambitious Web3 projects to date. Petaverse’s digital cats, the first type of pet they will be introducing, are all verifiably unique. The 3D digital pets, far from being simple 2D images, are companions which you will be able to interact with across a broad range of experiences; and who have,not only physical, but also personality traits, designed to impact their behaviour.


“Our cats’ personality traits and physical characteristics exist deep in their metadata,” said Susan Cummings, Petaverse’s co-founder and CEO. “The metadata is like the cat’s own unique (and infinitely reinterpretable) digital DNA. An immortal digital pet designed to take with you wherever you live your digital life, in a wide variety of games and experiences,” continued Susan.


Web3 aficionados are getting excited about the project; access to Petaverse’s Whitelist is already highly sought after in Web3 circles. One of the most compelling aspects of the project is a cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) app that accompanies each digital cat – the “meme-o-tron”. The app (available on iPhone, Android, or in a browser), will allow the owner of the cat to bond with their pet and capture videos and pictures of their kitty wherever they are – at home, on holiday, or at work. The entertaining videos and pictures that the meme-o-tron produces are instantly shareable on all social media channels.


“It’s time for digital pets to level up and meet the needs of the modern digital world,” said co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, Lee Cummings. “Unlike all prior digital pet experiences,  our pets aren’t confined and shackled like those old pets were – loved and lost, trapped on an old device, in a dated art style.”


Petaverse’s ownership rights are also central to this new era of Web3 utility and Petaverse has developed their digital collectible Rights Agreement with a diligent, thoughtful, and practical approach to this nascent and very important aspect of Web3. Rights sit at the heart of the relationship between the creator and the community. “We have taken a sole licence approach to the rights agreement which means the owner has exclusive commercial and marketing rights to their unique pet. We will also be open sourcing the agreement for other teams who share our approach to use, free of charge,” adds Susan.


At Pocket Gamer Connects this year, Susan and the Petaverse team will be lifting the lid on the Petaverse tech stack, which they will provide free access to. This will empower teams to cheaply and rapidly build new experiences for Petaverse pets, as well as to add them to their existing Unity-based experiences.


“This year promises to be the biggest Pocket Gamer Connects ever, cementing PGC as the biggest mobile games and entertainment event. There’s a larger than ever contingent for web3 and interest in blockchain” said Chris James, CEO of Steel Media. “Susan will be showing developers Petaverse’s Unity-based tech stack – ‘Petacore’ and will explain how its digital collectibles bring pure entertainment, true value and enduring utility.”

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