Gamer finds late grandmother’s game collection

One gamer has shared a picture of their grandma’s old collection of games after discovering that she’d built up loads of copies of the exact same titles – seemingly because she didn’t know how to overwrite them.

Reddit user KrisReed took to r/gaming with the image, and wrote: “My grandmother’s game collection. We’re not sure if she knew how to overwrite existing game files.” As well as a pile of assorted games and accessories in the background, OP’s grandma seemingly accumulated 19 different Game Boy Advance SP handhelds, as well as one Game Boy Color. That’s already impressive, but when you look closer at the games she’d bought, 26 copies of Wario Land 4 can be counted, as well as 13 copies of Mario Pinball Land.

Speaking of Mario, the Super Mario Bros. Movie is set to hit cinemas this April – take a look at the trailer below.

These weren’t the only games KrisReed’s grandma owned – more different GBA and Game Boy cartridges can be spotted in the background of the photo, although it’s hard to tell exactly what they are. It’s clear which were her favourites, though. When asked in the comments why their grandma had bought Wario Land 4 so many times, OP replied: “No idea. She also left a number of tutorials from online websites printed on paper as well as messages for her grandchildren (me) explaining the games. I love her very much and this [memento] was very bittersweet. Maybe it was Wario’s love for garlic.”

It’s a lovely reminder that no matter what age you are, video games are for everyone – you can never be too old to get lost in an old favourite.

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