Gamers are Discussing Their Most Regrettable Video Game Purchases

The world of gaming has changed so much since its humble origins, and fans have never been shy about calling out what they don’t like in modern gaming. On Twitter, gamers are congregating to discuss and confess their most regrettable video game purchases.

In particular, games have been heavily affected by large corporations treating the medium as a business more than entertainment. You don’t dare bring up Electronic Arts with a hardcore gamer, or you’ll be hearing for days about their alleged misdeeds.

The Twitter discussion began with a simple tweet, and its call to arms has been answered with thousands of responses.

Starting off, EA’s mishandling of the Star Wars Battlefront 2 launch led it to getting plenty of mentions, with the infamous “pride and accomplishment” Reddit comment still fresh in the minds of players.

Another EA property was mentioned many times, Battlefield 2042. It may have gotten half-decent reviews from critics, but audiences were scathing in their reviews.

There were also some hot takes, with one user calling Ghost of Tsushima their most regrettable. Yes, the game that swept awards ceremonies. Each to their own.

Nintendo didn’t get off scot-free either, with a wildly controversial take calling out Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

And no, Sonic, you’re not innocent either in some people’s eyes. Sonic Boom for the Wii U got slapped by fans.

Fight Club had a video game, which might be news to some people. Fittingly, people did not talk much of the Fight Club video game.

To quote philosopher Natalie Wynn, “maybe all critique itself can do is allow you to sketch the bars of your own prison”. Gamers will undoubtedly continue to make regrettable purchases, as often as filmgoers do with going to see bad movies.

It’s the Russian roulette nature of entertainment that makes it so, well, entertaining. Where would any artform be without absolute crap to even the scales?

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