Games Inbox: Elden Ring is overrated

Elden Ring – is it as good as people say? (pic: Bandai Namco)

The Monday letters page wants Star Wars: Fallen Order 2 to be treated like Shadows Of The Empire, as one reader asks why Clock Tower is so expensive.

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Playing downhill
I’ve just beaten Elden Ring and I have to say I have more mixed feelings than I expected by the end of it. It is a great game, but the last few dozen hours have been a bit of slog. I’d also say the second half of the game, after you get to the snowy area, is not nearly as good as the earlier ones. The boss battles also get increasingly worse, if you ask me, and I’m not really sure why.

I don’t see any evidence of the game being rushed, so instead I think the problem is that the game world just got too big for them to be able to fill it with enough interesting new content. There is a lot of repetition by the time you get to the end, and it starts to take away a lot of the excitement from exploration.

Instead of being able to tackle them anyway you choose, the bosses increasingly become almost impossible to beat unless you do it exactly the way the game wants, and even then you usually can’t afford to make a single mistake or you’re dead.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say the game shouldn’t have been open world but I do think that world, and the game in general, should’ve been smaller and tighter. I agree with GC and others that Bloodborne is definitely From’s best game and I would also put Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and probably Dark Souls 3 ahead of Elden Ring.

Hi-tech coaster
Despite being a fan of physical media in general, I find it increasingly difficult to answer the question of why I should buy games in physical format.

I bought the disc copy of Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga this week and there was a 42GB(?) update! Admittedly I think that was largely for the Xbox Series X upgrade, but it begs the question of why not just download the whole thing? If I were to keep the disc but lost the installation files for whatever reason, the disc would be nothing more than a coaster in a few years, when the game is no longer supported.

The only answer I come up with is that I can often get new games cheaper in physical format (thanks The Game Collection!) but even then, a little patience can see that gap close.
FoximusPrime81 (gamertag/NN ID/Twitter)

The sky and the cosmos are one
Bloodborne is absolutely the very best of FromSoftware. To state my relationship with the Souls games comes with i’s own difficulty. I’ve enjoyed the third Dark Souls, the most and made it to Anor Londo. Aldrich is a pain, but I’ve grown to deeply appreciate what Bloodborne stands for and that it holds up, even after seven years. Despite no PlayStation 5 graphical update and the rumours making the rounds of a remake possibly helmed by Bluepoint Games it’s amazing to see that the shift from working with Bandai Namco to Sony did wonders for the company.

We witnessed a Lovecraftian homage to H. P. Lovecraft and fought nightmarish bosses, traversed dark and foreboding environments, whilst keeping in check the absolute fear of the unknown. If there is a remake to be announced soon. I’m praying it is gifted that 4K and 60fps update. Because not only do we deserve it, this masterpiece deserves it.
Shahzaib Sadiq

GC: We’re not sure what influence you’re implying Sony had. Are you crediting Activision for Sekiro’s quality?

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Glass half empty
So Xbox has announced their not-E3 event and said it’s about 90 minutes long. Why do I get the feeling for an hour they will bang on about Game Pass and talking about how Game Pass is the best thing since sliced bread and the last 30 minutes showing a few clips of games that aren’t out for another three years. And then Phil Spencer will come on and say that’s what you get with Xbox and then he’ll be saying on social media that’s the best show they have ever done.

As for Sony other then two games to show off their show won’t happen and if it does it will be focused on one game, which, don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to play God Of War Ragnarök but I don’t want to see one game at a time though.

GC: You should go out for a nice walk or something, the weather’s been lovely lately.

Dying to enhance
I was thrilled to read that all owners of the base game of Dying Light 2 would be able to upgrade to the enhanced edition for free. However, despite reinstalling a number of times and going to the downloads it just says the following expansion pack is unavailable. I did some searching online but couldn’t see anyone else having that problem. I’m on a base PlayStation 4 and it’s a disc version of 1.4, which says it’s the latest version.
PS: The Inbox is by far and away the easiest and most accessible way of getting in touch with pretty much any gaming outlet, not having any social media somewhat inhibits getting in touch with developers!

Price appreciation
I was in my local independent video game shop at the weekend. They had a selection of PS1 games and one in particular caught my eye. Clock Tower priced at £295! I checked the prices for it online and this seems to be the going rate for it. I have no idea why it is so valuable?

I remember vaguely renting it from the video shop back in the day. It was OK if I recall, but no classic. Maybe it might get added to the new PS Plus retro selection and I can try it again and see why it is so highly regarded nowadays. And I thought the price of new PlayStation 5 games were expensive!
TONY–1975 (PSN ID)

GC: The quality of a retro game is only one reason amongst many for it getting to that sort of price. Rarity is usually more of an influence, and we doubt many copies were released in Europe.

Mega horror
There’s a Sega Mega Drive horror adventure game Sacred Line 2 which will be released on cartridges later this year by Mega Cat Studios. Free demo is available as a ROM file which can be launched on real hardware or via emulator.

Three digital purchase options available, including the one where customers can order exclusive DLC with a story based on the themselves. Perhaps you’d be interested to cover it.

GC: Perhaps, although we can’t pretend the Myst style static screens seem all that appealing.

Movie hype
I’d actually be surprised if the Obi-Wan Kenobi show didn’t have some kind of crossover with Fallen Order, especially with the sequel coming up. It seems like perfect timing and it would help to cement the game as something that really happened within the universe.

I am looking forward to Fallen Order 2 but I hope that with one of these bajillion Star Wars games in production at the moment that Disney tries to make one of them more of a multimedia event like Shadows Of The Empire. I know all game are like that to a degree nowadays but when that came out on the N64 it was pushed like it was a big event, like almost as big as a new movie.

Although it was a hit Fallen Order wasn’t really like that and I think that probably no one but gamers and Star Wars fans know it exists. If a new Star Wars movie comes out then everyone knows about it, from kids to grandmas, but you can’t say that for many games and especially not any Star Wars. Maybe it seems odd to ask for more marketing but I like some fun hype, for something I’m actually looking forward to already.

Inbox also-rans
I have a short question. We will be in London from 16th of June until the 19th. My godchild is a big Pokémon fan and he told me that he has read that London has a big Pokémon Store. Is that right and can you tell me were we can find it?

GC: Someone else asked this the other day. There is no Pokémon store in London, not since a pop-up in 2019 that was only open for a month.

I’m very interested in the new AEW video game and cannot wait for Yuke’s to come back with their legendary games. Just know that when the game comes out for a debut, I most definitely will be getting the game. Of course I am a huge wrestling fan. I’m also a gamer also, so there’s that.

This week’s Hot Topic
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It doesn’t necessarily have to be viewed as a classic but what general consensus do you disagree with the most, when it comes to highly rated games? Why do you disagree and were you surprised to find out that you held a minority opinion about the game?

Do you often find yourself disagreeing about games in this way and if not why do you think it happened in this instance? Can you see what it is that others liked about the game or is it completely unappealing to you?

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