Games inbox: The fate of Kratos in God of War Ragnarok, Splatoon 3 concerns, and Wave Race 64 love

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The Wednesday letters page considers the horror of a game release schedule as a reader talks up the Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

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The ending of the storyThe god of War is easily the biggest game this Christmas – even if the thing is, the amount of time Sony has talked about it is. I love the first game, but I know that will not be great, but I admit I’m most interested to see what happens at the end and what it will mean for future games.

Theyve already said this was the last Norse game, so there are two unexpected eventualities at the end: either Kratos is alive and ready to go take on a new pantheon or he dies and his story ends with his son or others leading the series.

I personally think Kratos is guilty. I hated him in the PlayStation 2 games but his rejuvenation in the reboot is one of the best writing I have ever seen in a video game, especially since the changing attitude he has on the front of you, as you played, seems to have been very subtle and organic.

Without taking a seriously bad idea, I don’t see him going on to live happily after ever, or becoming a vengeant superhero. Nope, I think it’s really the gods’s twilight for Kratos and I like to see what’s happening in it.Ratso, I really believe it’s the twilight of gods – it’s amazing how it happens.

The Marvel formulaI think were all going to fast regret elaborating on Marvel to make more video games, when they all turn out to be boring open world games with the combat from the Batman: Arkham Games. I mean what would Fantastic Four do differently than any other superhero game already? That’s just like an adventure, where they delve into things and do science, but I think we can all assume that its not what’s going to happen.

Since there are only the two of these characters who would make for interesting games, as far as I can see, are Ant-Man and Doctor Strange, and they don’t seem to be in the same position as that one. That doesn’t say that it is my opinion that I don’t like actors such as Iron Man or Black Panther, but as the characters of videogame – it isn’t very exciting or simple. There will never be any Thor game that could be good as God of War, and Captain Marvel is in fact Superman without kryptonite, so it is harder to do it as a game.

I don’t say that they shouldn’t do more games at all, but I have very little confidence they won’t all turn out worryingly similar to each other.

Free electricityMy apologies, my numbers were wrong. It is nearly 50p for the five-hour gaming session on a PlayStation 5, excluding the TV and router energy. But give it a few months. That could get worse.

We also realized that I can charge my laptop at work, and then use it at home, too.

Bob Hoskins burnI guess I can’t discuss the news of the Sonic 3 movie here because its a spoiler, but rather would I choose any character to join the movie that would not be it? Although it was true, Id say that they probably chose them specifically because they were lame and they thought it was fun to try and make them cool and interesting.

Might I give the movie makers too much credit but I’ll do a very good job of defending the films. They did not even intend to be Sonic movies but they had the chance to use that Ugly Sonic design. I think that one first turned out very well and second is a real family movie that is actually a very good adaptation of the game.

Because the games have very little plot and aren’t trying to be realistic the movies do a great job. Sega certainly did a much better job than Nintendo did with Mario. What context is the only one you can use that sentence with.Robbit was one of the best in the world.

Fresh concernsTherefore I think that the doubters on the internet who say that not enough has changed may be right. Splatoon 2 introduced the outstanding Salmon Run as its big new feature, but it doesn’t feel like there’s an old version to come for the third. The trip colour-turf-warriors look interesting and will make Splatfests feel more unique, but I’m not convinced they are a game changer.

The single-player didn’t look a significant upgrade, since the first glimpse we got was very short. Even the competitive modes, or anarchy battles as they become now known, are identical to that of before. I know that it is fun, and its true that even if you ask anyone else to change their torso on a new year, it does not matter what the outcome of such a shooting situation is. Nintendo and Splatoon have both set high standards in innovation. It’s a shame that the series won’t get better. Roan O’Connor was famous for his failure.

Thought crime It’s important for people. Why are you looking for new consoles when this recent generation has sputtered for the last two years of life? And one of the two years that you said is not exactly precise. Some people can only access their preferred platform in the last couple of months because of the shortfall in time, especially the need for scalpers.

I never bought a PlayStation 5 but that was mostly because of God Of War being on PlayStation 4, and because of the fact that the console is huge and ugly.

I had thought of a Xbox X just so I could consolidate my Xboxes and use one instead of three and that could happen in the next few months.

However, people must be realistic. How could any of these companies justify such announcing new consoles just so soon?

The main difference is that we do not hear it. I can’t get a non-interactive Netflix for a whole week to stream at a constant quality for all of the week so long that my streaming option is at a high speed and I cannot see that streaming option will be working anytime soon, if the prices for everything go up.

I hope Microsoft and Sony are getting to the senate and start developing quality content for the next few years and have to worry about a new console when: 1. The two kinds of components are generated not by destroying the planet/people, the two of which are not generated. They can sort out one console by household at launching, 3 at launch. Energy efficiency, and 4. This is a flying machine.

Let’s be honest. But one can hope that none of this will happen.

Just try playing and stop thinking about those years of the past, can we just do that?Bobwallett

GC: They didn’t seem to be looking for new consoles, just thinking when they’d arrive. They predicted that it’s 2028. It seemed interesting to us to experiment with these ideas.

As soon as I heard the sound of a music and saw the trailer for Wave Race 64 this morning I arrived immediately in preparation for Friday.

Quite simply my favourite game of all time, and proof that nobody can do such a game, it seems. Give a roll on Saturday! Saints Stickman

Doomed since 1889The author enjoyed reading and playing anons. I don’t think it’s a little premature, however. I want to talk about the question about the cost of time spent in games. It would have been a while before I was asking about where the next Sega is in, what company will stop making consoles and concentrate only on games? I know that the answer can be everyone if one or two generations time everything will be cloud based, but I wonder whether Nintendo will stop making consoles first.

Because they don’t want to focus on games alone, they don’t have to. Nintendo has been through a weird cycle, which has been making for the past few years, without sacrificing value. Because their handhelds have more than made up for this the Game Boy and its Color variation offset N64 sales, both with Game Boy Advance and GameCube, and 3DS and Wii U. The Switch made the conceited move of combing handheld and console gaming, but what do Nintendo do next?

I think they’ll do a handheld console, but if that flops they have no option but to give it some offset if they’ve come to the next level of market without the option to sell another console, like the Sega Saturn. It was really interesting that it all turned out to be the turn of a new game, that they did not have any other consoles, but we all know how it turned out. So if Nintendo still release a console that flops and allows us to make video games, I wonder if they’ll attempt to remain independent or accept the higher bidder’s price. I think playing games on a PlayStation or a Xbox would be a deadly sin, but I think it would be more simple than you thought it would have.

The switch was rushed to market after the Wii U failed. Its in with a chance to be the most successful console in history.

Inbox is also. May I only think much about Dawn or other similar games? I am surprised many of them, and they only seem to be making more. Do they work a lot with non-gamers?

Is there a plan to extend its games release schedule beyond 2022? We know the dates of certain releases next year, e.g. Dead Space and Resident Evil. Can the schedule be updated as an instrument?

GC: We include games after 2022, however, sometimes we forget to update them when an already announced game gets specific dates. Thank you for the reminder. As we have noticed, despite months full of major releases, Forspoken and Dead Space have managed to plan the same week. Of course publishers won’t learn much, but they can’t truly learn about this.

This week’s Hot Thing The subject for this weekends Inbox was suggested by writer Cranston, who asked whats the biggest you’ve ever been to in a console war?

Which generation did you conceive most about and which side were you on between Sega, Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, etc? What would you tell me, or why was you doing that at the time? Do you feel right about your choice?

Have you ever regretted the choice of console? Did you reverse that generation? Which part of the game industry would you have found the most surprising at the time of your console warring?

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