Games With Gold July 2022 Reveal Overshadowed By Xbox Game Pass

The Games With Gold July 2022 reveal is happening this week and already looks to be overshadowed by the Xbox Game Pass titles confirmed for next month.

In total, there are already five titles confirmed for Microsoft’s other subscription service, the first arriving on July 1.

And this will be going up against whatever the tech giant has planned for Games with Gold during July 2022.

Apex Legends | Saviors Launch Trailer



Apex Legends | Saviors Launch Trailer





Games with Gold July 2022 Reveal

Microsoft has not confirmed the exact date for its Games With Gold July 2022 reveal, something will be revealed before Friday, July 1, 2022. This will be the date that the first games are launched, one for Xbox One and one from Xbox 360. This means that Microsoft will need to share its plans sometime over the coming days.

Here are some of the dates used to share Games with Gold by Microsoft over previous months:

Four games will be available to download during July 2022, with most of the biggest games saved for Xbox Game Pass. And while we don’t know what titles will be released on Games With Gold next month, we have some news regarding Xbox Game Pass.

Five titles have been revealed as arriving throughout the month, starting with Far Cry 5 on July 1, quickly followed by Last Call BBS on July 5 and Matchpoint Tennis Championships on July 7. The second half of the month will see the arrival of As Dusk Falls on July 19, and Immortality on July 26.

Meanwhile, with Game with Gold, the first two free games will be sourced from Xbox One and Xbox 360, for July 1, followed by a second batch going live on July 16, Some of these games will only be available for two weeks, while others will remain available for a full four weeks. Gamers will also note that PS Plus Premium has now launched and will be offering a much meatier rival to Microsoft’s GwG and Xbox Game Pass subscription services.

In other news, Games With Gold July 2022 Reveal Overshadowed By Xbox Game Pass

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