Games with Gold May 2022 Reveal Schedule & Xbox Release Date

Microsoft will reveal the Games With Gold May 2022 lineup very soon, complete with release dates for each title.

So far, we have a lot of information regarding what is being launched for the tech giant’s main service, Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft just added NBA 2K22 to its official roster of Game Pass Games, and this will remain available throughout May 2022.

And it won’t be long before we find out more regarding Games With Gold and its free games.

Dead by Daylight | Spring Ensembles Collection Trailer



Dead by Daylight | Spring Ensembles Collection Trailer





Games with Gold May 2022 Reveal Schedule

While we don’t have an exact date for when Games with Gold May 2022 will be revealed, we do know that Microsoft will have to announce it by Sunday, May 1. This is when the first two games from the lineup will be launched, and the company has never failed to reveal its plans before releasing its latest titles. As usual, there will be four games in total to download over the coming weeks, two from Xbox One and the others sourced from Xbox 360.

There have been some months when next-gen upgrades have also been available, but this hasn’t happened for a long time, and doesn’t appear to be something Microsoft can guarantee at this point. Most of the biggest games are saved for Xbox Game Pass, and without any substantial insider leaks, we don’t know what is coming next.

As mentioned above, the first two games will be Xbox One and Xbox 360, and will arrive on May 1. The second batch will arrive on May 16, and contain the final Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles to play. Some of these will only be available for two weeks, while others will remain available for a full four weeks. All of the titles included can only be downloaded during their allotted time for free, meaning it will be worth keeping tabs on the official Gold tab on your Xbox dashboard to find out all the latest news.

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