Get a $50 Nintendo eShop gift card for just $45 on Amazon

Who doesn’t want free money?

$50 Nintendo eShop Gift Card for $44.99 on Amazon.


Want to buy a gift card for less money than its worth? Today’s your lucky day: Just by purchasing this Nintendo eShop gift card from Amazon for $44.99, you’ll get a digital code worth $50 to use towards all your Nintendo favorites.

$50 Nintendo eShop Gift Card for $44.99!


Whether you’re the one in your family who loves to play Nintendo games or you want to give someone else in your life a gift, this is the perfect way to do it. As a digital gift card to the entire eShop, you can buy any of the 1,000+ games sold for the most popular Nintendo systems. The balance can be used and shared across the Switch, Wii U, and 3DS systems so it’s easy to use no matter what you play.

Since you’ll be able to use the gift card’s code directly within the Nintendo eShop, you don’t have to add a credit card or any other method of payment to your account. Just imput the code, pick whatever games and applications that you want to buy, and you’re all set. The games will be delivered directly to your system of choice, so it couldn’t be easier to put this gift card (and that free $5!) to use.

Take advantage of this deal while you can and pick up a $50 Nintendo gift card from Amazon for just $44.99.


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