Global Esports Plans to Keep At least Two Indian Players on Its Valorant Roster

The Global Esports management team was recently streaming live on Twitch, chatting and answering questions from the audience. The viewers asked the team how many Indian players the organization plans to keep on the final roster. As a result, Rushindra “Salbatic” Sinha and Gary “MiokeN” Chiu revealed that there will be at least two Indian players on Global Esports’ final Valorant International League roster.

“There will always be at least two Indian players on our roster.” – MiokeN

MiokeN said that Global Esports planned to keep at least two Indian players in the team even before they got the franchise slot. The organization wants Indian players to go to South Korea to learn and improve. “There will always be at least two Indian players on our roster. We decided on it from the beginning, even before we got the franchise slot. Just letting you guys know this,” said MiokeN. Following this, he added, “We hoped it was more. We want our region to go up, but it is not there right now. We need everyone to go there, learn, observe as much as they can, and come back here and prove themselves.”

Salbatic said that Indian players from Global Esports’ roster had gotten a rare opportunity to go to South Korea, improve, and prove themselves. He said, “They have been given an opportunity that no one else in the entire country of 1.3 billion people has. These are the five Indians that are going to go and have a shot. Two players are already signed for the league, and the remaining three are signed to Global Esports and coming with us to have that opportunity.”

MiokeN said that the organization wants to improve the skill set of Indian players. Hence, it is taking Indian players from the previous roster to the South Korea Bootcamp along with it, even though it will increase the organization’s expense. MiokeN said, “It could have been easy for us to tell them to go and find another team. We wouldn’t have to pay for them to travel, come back, and set them up again. Right now, the stake we have is more than what we can imagine.” He added, “Along with what we are spending, we are still spending from our pocket to get the Indian players there to learn and observe.”

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