Gotham Knights co-op upped to four players in new game mode

When announced, the Gotham Knights co-op was just for two players in the superhero game, despite there being four characters: Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Red Hood. While designing a Batman world around two players with heavy RPG game elements instead of four is what the team went for, many were hoping to suit up with three friends in Gotham. Turns out now you will, as WB Games Montréal has announced that a free four player mode will be coming to Gotham Knights after launch.

Called Heroic Assault, the mode supports up to four players via online connections, with the Gotham Knights co-op mode separate to the two player co-op of the main story and its sandbox gameplay.

Heroic Assault sounds somewhat similar to the challenges from the Batman Arkham games, specifically the combat ones, which sees you fighting off large numbers of thugs and needing to use every tool at your disposal to rack up as many points as possible, while playing in small combat arenas.

“Heroic Assault is an upcoming gameplay mode that is separate from the main story campaign. The standalone mode supports up to four players in online co-op and provides a dedicated arena-like environment with specific objectives to complete and enemies to defeat on each floor (30 floors total),” reads the Gotham Knights FAQ page.

As noted by WB Games Montréal, this will be completely separate to the open-world game’s co-op mode for two players, and instead be a new mode set to release as part of Gotham Knights for free on November 29, around a month after the game’s full release.

If you want to learn more about the characters of the newly announced Gotham Knights co-op mode, we’ve got a breakdown of everything we know about the Gotham Knights characters right here, alternatively you can also find all the details about the Gotham Knights release date instead, or even learn about whether or not the game has crossplay or not.

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