Gran Turismo: Release Date And Other Things We Know About The Video Game Movie

More so than ever before, Sony is making a massive push to adapt some of the most popular PlayStation games with the likes of Uncharted and the upcoming The Last of Us HBO Series. Games like Horizon, God of War, and Twisted Metal all have TV adaptations in the works, and now the entertainment conglomerate is turning its attention to one of its most successful franchises to date: Gran Turismo

In a little less than a year, the popular racing simulation series, which dates back to 1997, will get the big-screen treatment with a visionary director, accomplished screenwriters, an outstanding cast, and a plot based on a true story. Though there is some time before the racing movie opens in theaters, there is a great deal of information we know about the movie so far. Here are some quick things to know about Gran Turismo

(Image credit: PlayStation Studios)

Gran Turismo Is Set To Premiere August 11, 2023

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