Gravity Officially Launches MMORPG Ragnarok V: Returns in Oceania on May 25

SEOUL, South Korea–()–Gravity Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRVY), a global game company, officially launched its new 3D MMORPG, “Ragnarok V: Returns”, in the Oceanic region on May 25 (local time). The game was released on iOS, Android and PC, with cross-play functionality.

A multi-platform MMORPG, Ragnarok V: Returns is the sequel to “Ragnarok: Valkyrie Uprising,” which has been played by more than five million global users. It was developed by Gravity Neocyon, a subsidiary of Gravity, and has been published by Gravity. In addition to the attractive aesthetic unique to Ragnarok, this game features a high level of freedom for players, enabling users to play the game according to their individual pace and interests.

After the second CBT, which was held in April targeting users in the Oceanic region, the participating users expressed satisfaction with the game. The users also gave their expectations for the game’s launch by commenting, “It felt like playing ‘Ragnarok Online’ because I could play the game on PC”, and “I like that the balance seems to have been improved from that in the first CBT.”

The official service of Ragnarok V: Returns in the Oceanic region was started at noon on May 25 (Australian Eastern Standard Time). The mobile version can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The PC version can be downloaded from the Ragnarok V: Returns official website and the Steam store.

For one month starting from the launch of Ragnarok V: Returns, Gravity will hold five official launch events. The first event will provide special buffs to users such as the base experience buff and the job experience buff, among others, to support fast character growth. Various other benefits will be available through an alphabet collection event, level completion event, special push reward event, and a coupon event. Users will also be able to win a small and adorable kangaroo pet that has a mobility function.

A Gravity official said, “We further upgraded the game’s quality by adding users’ opinions on game improvement from the two CBTs. We will continue updating the game with new content and holding events to provide our users with great enjoyment. We would like to ask for all of our users’ interest and support.”

Detailed information about Ragnarok V: Returns and the launch events is available on the Ragnarok V: Returns official website (

[Official Website of Gravity]

[Ragnarok V: Returns Official Website]

[Ragnarok V: Returns Facebook Page]

[Ragnarok V: Returns Steam Page]

About Gravity

Established in Korea in April 2000, Gravity is a global game company that is directly listed on the NASDAQ. As of June 30, 2021, the cumulative global accounts of the Ragnarok IP, Gravity’s representative IP, exceeded approximately 120 million. In addition, Ragnarok has been selected as the “second most loved Korean game overseas” consecutively over the last three years (Global Hallyu Trends 2021).

Gravity has established a powerful global network comprising of Gravity Neocyon (Korea), a subsidiary, as well as Gravity Communications (Taiwan), Gravity Game Link (Indonesia), Gravity Interactive (U.S.), Gravity Game Arise (Japan), Gravity Game Tech (Thailand), Gravity Game Hub (Singapore), and Gravity Game Vision (Hong Kong), its overseas branches. Together with its branches, Gravity is broadening its recognition and influence across the world by promoting global publishing businesses to discover and distribute a range of genre games on multiple platforms, in addition to games using the Ragnarok IP. The company is also collaborating with a number of brands to accelerate not only its Ragnarok merchandise business, but also its content business, such as in animation, IPTV, and webcomics.

– Key Titles

“Ragnarok Online (launched in 2002),” a PC MMORPG, with “Ragnarok M,” “Ragnarok Origin,” “Ragnarok X: Next Generation,” “Ragnarok: Labyrinth,” and “Ragnarok: Poring Merge,” as mobile MMORPGs.

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