Great Indie RPG Monster Sanctuary Gets Another Massive Update This Week

Creature-taming RPG Monster Sanctuary is getting a big update later this week on PS4. The game released for Sony’s last-gen console in 2020, and it received a significant patch several months later, which added New Game+, difficulty options, and more.

This new update, set to launch on the 30th June, is set to transform Monster Sanctuary into a highly replayable adventure. Titled ‘The Forgotten World’ update, it’ll add a new area, ten new monsters, 78 (!) new skills, 13 new items, and three new game modes. These modes include ‘Bravery Mode’, a randomised mode, and even a permadeath mode. What’s more, you can combine these modes however you like to create your own custom playthrough.

It’s always nice to see quality indie titles like Monster Sanctuary get long-term support like this — especially when the updates are so generous. For what it’s worth, we think the game’s well worth checking out, as detailed in our 8/10 Monster Sanctuary PS4 review.

Have you played Monster Sanctuary? Think you might jump in for this update? Tame some beasts in the comments section below.

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