Harry Potter stars unrecognisable at Nintendo Switch Sports launch

Stars of the blockbuster Harry Potter franchise were unrecognisable from their childhood wizard characters as they faced off once again this week.

The deadly duo entertained onlookers as they went toe-to-toe in a series of challenges for the launch of Nintendo Switch Sports.

Child actors Tom Felton and Matt Lewis shot to fame in the magical films but that was more than 20 years ago so it’s not surprising their looks have changed somewhat since they first donned a cape.

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Tom Felton and Matt Lewis swapped wands for Joy-Con controllers at the Nintendo Switch Sports event. Picture: Scott Garfitt/PinPep

Better known as son of a Death Eater, Draco Malfoy, and member of Dumbledore’s Army, Neville Longbottom.

One Slytherin and the other Gryffindor, the character’s time at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was always going to be a turbulent one.

Reigniting old rivalries, the event held at London’s Westfield White City on Friday (April 29), saw the pair get competitive once more as they swung, kicked and spiked their way to victory.

Wearing sporty outfits including bowling shirts and full tennis whites, the pair looked a million miles from the dark uniforms and capes they were pictured in at Hogwarts.

Tom said: “We know fans loved our fictional rivalry and so do myself and Matt.

“It’s always a pleasure to reunite, especially when we get to have some friendly competition over some really fun games, rather than being hard at work on set.”

Swapping wands for Joy-Con controllers, they battled it out on the Football pitch, Tennis courts and Bowling alley, with the games culminating in a swordplay battle during a game of Chambara.

GamerCityNews 13730879 Harry Potter stars unrecognisable at Nintendo Switch Sports launch Tom Felton and Matt Lewis competed in a ‘best of three’ across a variety of sports on in Nintendo Switch Sports. Picture: Scott Garfitt/PinPep

“It’s been such great fun to reunite with Tom today and settle some old scores,” said Matt.

“I love that we still have a friendly rivalry between us, and it was great to play that out with a game of the new Nintendo Switch Sports here at Westfield today.”

The sports all feature in Nintendo Switch Sports, the follow up game to Wii Sports, which allows players to use real-world movements to compete in six sports.

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Nicolas Wegnez, from Nintendo UK, said: “Nintendo Switch Sports is a game that brings family and friends together to revel in friendly revelries.

“Tom and Matt are great friends despite their fictional rivalry and their competitiveness really played out today using real-world movements within the six sports available in the game.

“They both really put their sports skills to the test and most importantly had a great fun playing together.”

Nintendo Switch Sports is available now, exclusively for Nintendo Switch at the Nintendo website.

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