Here’s How HBO’s The Last Of Us Actors Compare To Their Video Game Counterparts

Video game adaptations have become more prominent in recent years, though many of these films and series haven’t necessarily broken what’s known as the “video game movie curse.” While some have been financially successful, many adaptations have not been received favorably by critics. Ruben Fleischer’s “Uncharted,” for example, did not falter at the box office, but was critically panned. As someone who’s deeply into the “Uncharted” series of games, I believe the film was sorely missing the hilarious and heartfelt chemistry between the two main protagonists, Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan. Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg brought the characters to life, but their dynamic and relationship evolution felt far from genuine.

Now along comes “The Last of Us,” an HBO adaptation of another Naughty Dog video game that relies even more heavily on the dynamic between its two main characters, Joel and Ellie, portrayed by Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson in the video games.

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