Here’s the first footage of Hollywood’s Super Nintendo World

The first media previews for Super Nintendo World at Universal Hollywood have been posted online as the park gears up for its February opening.

Several theme park focussed members of the press were invited to the park, which is finalising construction, for an early look at the new land which will open soon.

When it opens, America’s first Nintendo World will house an augmented reality Mario Kart ride set within Bowser’s Castle, a Toadstool Café and a 1-Up Factory merchandise store.

SUPER NINTENDO WORLD opens 2/17/2023

When asked by Attractions Magazine about the differences between the Hollywood park and the park that’s been in Japan since 2021, Jon Corfino, vice president of Universal Creative claimed that “pound-for-pound, you’re gonna get the same game experience,” as Japan.

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“In terms of the ride itself, [there is] no difference. In terms of how we had to adapt some of the queue lines, it’s only different in that the configuration is different. They still have the same areas; they’re just laid out a little bit differently because the space is different.

“In terms of the land itself, we do not have a Yoshi ride, they do. But aside from that, I would say pound-for-pound, you’re gonna get the same game experience [and] the same visual experience. It’s essentially the same, but it’s a different configuration because they have a bigger geography than we do. We had to kind of compress it to [fit the space that] we had.”

Super Nintendo World will open for Universal Studios Annual Passholders on January 29, with the full opening taking place on February 17th. A version of the park is also planned for Universal Studios Orlando in the coming years.

Last year, Nintendo officially confirmed a Donkey Kong expansion for Japan’s Super Nintendo World.