Here’s the first Pac-Man World Re-Pac gameplay

The first gameplay video of Pac-Man World Re-Pac has been shown off.

The gameplay clips, which were first shown at Anime Expo 2022, show off the Anubis and Toc-Man boss fights, as well as several environments from the remake of the PS1 platformer.

It’s also claimed during the clip that improvements wikl be made to the platforming. “Maybe sometimes Pac-Man would unfairly fall off of ledges,” the host said. “We’re fixing that”.

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Mega Pac-Man mode was also shown off during the demo, which sees Pac-Man morph into a large ball resembling his traditional appearance in order to take out enemies. This wasn’t present in the original game.

Bandai Namco announced during June’s Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase that it was working on Pac-Man World Re-Pac, a modernised version of the 1999 PlayStation platformer.

By completing Quest Mode, players will unlock the original Pac-Man game.

Pac-Man World was originally released on the PlayStation in 1999.

The game sees Pac-Man trying to rescue his friends, who have been kidnapped by the ghosts and being held in Ghost Island. Pac-Man has to make his way through six worlds to find them.

In a move that has disappointed fans, Ms Pac-Man appears to have been completely removed from the remake. 

The original trailer for the remake instead shows off Pac-Mom, a replacement character that Bandai Namco has used in recent games.

Ms Pac-Man has always caused issues regarding royalties – the character isn’t an official Namco creation, and was instead created by Midway (who had been given the rights to produce Pac-Man products in North America) and a group of US  programmers at the General Computer Corporation (GCC).

As a result, any time Ms Pac-Man has appeared in Bandai Namco products, GCC is reportedly owed royalties.