Hogwarts Legacy Delayed, New Release Date Revealed

Hogwarts Legacy’s release date has been pushed back a bit with the game no longer scheduled to release in 2022. However, those looking forward to the Harry Potter game will be happy to hear that the delay isn’t an indefinite one. A new release date of February 10, 2023, has been set in an announcement shared on Friday. The Nintendo Switch version of the game does not currently have a release date with Warner Bros. Games Avalanche saying that that’ll be announced at a later date.

The latest on Hogwarts Legacy was shared via the game’s social accounts where the delay and the new release date were confirmed. The game did not have a set release date prior to this but was scheduled to be out at some point this year. This delay pushes it just barely outside of that window and into a month which, for the time being, remains pretty uncluttered since not many games have been confirmed for a February 2023 release at this time.

Hogwarts Legacy will launch on February 10, 2023 for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC,” the latest update from Warner Bros. said. “The Nintendo Switch launch date will be revealed soon. The team is excited for you to play, but we need a little more time to deliver the best possible game experience.”

Though a release date hadn’t been set previously, we’d seen leaks and rumors that indicated the game might’ve been planned for a December release, specifically on December 6th. Those details were never confirmed, but it doesn’t really matter at this point since the game will no longer be out anywhere around that timeframe anyway.

More recently, we’ve seen some footage from the game that showed off things like the character creation and customization options as well as a cutscene. Those were shared during an industry event showcasing the game’s animations and more, so while they were official previews of the game, they weren’t really shared in a public capacity even though they made their way onto social media soon afterwards.

Hogwarts Legacy will release on February 10, 2023, with a Nintendo Switch release date to be announced later.

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