How to get the potato glove in slap battles in Roblox

Roblox is a gigantic universe with lots of game modes. Developed by Tencelll, Slap Battles essentially turns Roblox into a fighting game, as the ultimate goal is to slap the opposing players into the void.

Before the start of each round, players will pick a glove that comes with a special ability. While some gloves will come with passive abilities, others will feature active ones that require players to perfect their timing to make the most out of them.

Though each player will start their Slap Battles journey with the default glove, you can start unlocking new ones as you slap more players. Some gloves will require players to complete additional steps to be unlocked, however, and the potato glove is one of them.

How do you get the potato glove in Slap Battles on Roblox?

Players will need to unlock the “Sorry to Burst Your Bubble” badge to unlock the potato glove. It’s a rather difficult badge to unlock in normal matches, so you’ll be better off inviting a friend to complete the following steps.

  • Invite a friend and ask them to equip the Bubble Glove.
    • Bubble Glove can be unlocked by unlocking the “250” and “Harbinger of Death” badges.
  • Equip the Reverse Glove on your character, which can be unlocked with 5,500 Slaps.
  • Once everyone equips their gloves, head to the Normal Arena.
  • Ask your friend to use the Bubble Glove’s ability.
  • After your friend uses the Bubble Glove’s ability, you’ll need to use Reverse Glove’s ability.
  • The Reverse Glove’s ability will send the flying bubble right back at the Bubble Glove owner, trapping them instead of yourself.
  • Successfully completing this maneuver will unlock the “Sorry to Burst Your Bubble” achievement for the Reverse Glove owner.
  • Make your way to the glove hall after unlocking the badge.

When you return to where the Potato Glove is supposed to be, you’ll realize that the glove will have a quote sitting on its showcase that reads “potatoes don’t grow on stands, they grow in soil.”

You’ll need to go to the Default Hand Arena to equip the glove. Check the edges of the platform where you can see below it, and you’ll find the Potato Glove place on the underside of the platform. If you have unlocked the “Sorry to Burst Your Bubble” badge before this stage, you’ll be able to jump over to the glove and equip it.

You can jump to reset the session after equipping the glove and start using it in a battle. The Potato Glove’s ability, Hot Potato, gets activated when you slap someone. Whoever gets slapped will receive the Hot Potato that explodes after 30 seconds, eliminating the slapped player while knocking back nearby players.

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