How to perfect rocket serve in Nintendo Switch Sports Tennis

Fans everywhere are excitedly diving into Nintendo Sports, which features several classic sports from older titles, like bowling, tennis, and golf. Playing against friends or AI opponents is a lot of fun, and understanding how to pull off special moves or tactics can give you a competitive advantage.

One of the easiest ways to score a point in tennis is with a rocket serve. Rocket serves send the ball flying towards your opponents at high speed, making it almost impossible to hit or return. This can catch opponents off guard, giving you an advantage before they can retaliate. Performing a rocket serve is simple: you just need to hit the ball while it’s at its highest point in the air. If done correctly, the ball should launch towards the other team at breakneck speed. 

Keep in mind opponents can also use rocket serves, so always be prepared for this intense move in games. You can also throw a rocket serve in every couple of serves to keep opponents on their toes since they’ll never know what to expect. Also, a rocket serve doesn’t guarantee an ace, so be ready for the other team to return the ball. 

Getting the timing right for a perfect rocket serve can be tricky, but with a bit of practice, you’ll be dominating opponents in no time.

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