How To Play Halo Infinite Co-op Campaign – Beta Release Date Explained

How do you play the new Halo Infinite co-op campaign coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X this week? That’s the question a lot of Master Chief fans are asking before the big update arrives.

With the Halo Infinite co-op campaign launching this week, Microsoft has made it relatively easy to join in for the first round of beta testing.

However, it will take more than just downloading a new update to gain access to the Halo beta when it arrives in July.

Halo Infinite | Fracture: Entrenched Returns Trailer



Halo Infinite | Fracture: Entrenched Returns Trailer





How To Play Halo Infinite Co-op Campaign

To gain access to the Halo Infinite co-op campaign this week, you will first need to make sure you’re an active member of the Xbox Insider Program. Microsoft has made this special app available to gamers on Xbox Series X, Xbox One and Windows PC, meaning that a fair few can join up. One of the first steps is finding the Xbox Insider Program App and downloading it on your chosen platform.

For those who want to know more, the Xbox Insider Program is a Microsoft testing platform that allows Xbox fans the opportunity to give us feedback on the latest Xbox system updates, as well as features and games still in development on both Xbox consoles and Windows 10/11 devices. The Insider App can be found in the Xbox and Microsoft Stores on PC and Xbox consoles.

The only downside to joining the program this week is that the program runs in a way based on how much you have already done. This means you will be able to register for certain events based on your Xbox Insider XP score and tenure in the program. This means that you might not have the points needed to join the Halo co-op beta.

We don’t know how many points will be needed to participate in the co-op campaign testing, although the official Xbox site states these requirements for Xbox Update Previews: Beta – Open to Xbox Insiders with a Program tenure of 3 or more months and an Xbox Insider XP Level of 5 or higher. This ring receives updates shortly after Alpha.

Microsoft has stated that the Halo Infinite co-op campaign beta will begin during the week of July 11, meaning that Monday could be the first day of testing. However, it should be noted that launch dates and times could change due to the nature of the testing involved. If you are successful in downloading the Halo Infinite co-op campaign from the Insider Program, you will be able to access it via the preview build and choose the option of co-op campaign from the game’s main menu. Crossplay will be available throughout the beta phase, which is expected to last until July 22. There is a way to join the Halo Insider Program on Steam, but entry for this testing phase has now passed.

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