How to play Thatcher’s Techbase – Jeremy Corbyn’s new favourite video game

On the weekend, Jeremy Corbyn was spotted playing a modified version of DOOM 2, Thatcher’s Techbase.

The mod (WAD) was released by British developer 3D: Doom Daddy Digital in 2021 and allows the player to fight their way through the ‘tenth circle of Hell’.

This just so happens to be the United Kingdom under the control of a demonic Margaret Thatcher and her ‘legion of doom’.

If you too are experiencing a ‘slow news day’ – you may want to get your hands on DOOM 2 (why don’t you have it already) and have a playthrough of Thatcher’s Techbase where you can indeed shoot and kill a demonic Thatcher and enjoy the game as much as the former Labour leader did!

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You can find a guide on the website for installing the game, as well as all the files you need – but we’ll add it below as well to make sure everyone can know where they can play the game for research purposes.

How to play Thatcher’s Techbase – Jeremy Corbyn’s favourite DooM mod
How to play Thatcher’s Techbase – Jeremy Corbyn’s favourite DooM mod

How to Play Thatcher’s Techbase

Firstly, you will need to own a copy of DOOM 2. If you’re a collector, you already probably have one. If you like retro games, the same applies. TT is a game applied over DOOM 2’s code and assets, so for you to legally install it, you would need to own DOOM 2. You can figure that out. If you’ve got XBOX Game Pass – technically – you have it, but it’s a grey area, and that can’t be recommended as ‘ownership;.

You should just buy DOOM 2. Just buy it from Steam or any other purchasing dashboard on your PC as it will come with the files you need.

We’ll be following the instructions for PC installation, but you should head over to the site if you fancy playing on another console – like the Nintendo 3DS.

So, for computer, you download THATCHER.wad from the TT site – as well as the that is available.

You then need to extract the zip file to a new folder, and add your Thatcher.wad and your DOOM2.wad to that folder (which is why you NEED to own a copy of the game, as sharing this file without that would be illegal).

Then, in that folder you should have THATCHER.BAT. If you run this by double-clicking, you’ll be able to play.

For more instructions, click here.

The developer is taking no money from this shareware game – and has instead asked that your support go to the following charities/organisations:

Hillsborough Justice Campaign

Living Rent

International Centre for Transitional Justice

Scottish Refugee Council



If you do enjoy a playthrough – just to look – please consider supporting the above, and sharing word of the game (respectfully).

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