How To Roll In A Skyward Sword

Doing a roll in The Legend of Zelda Skyward sword is easy but it takes time and patience to master. Just like any other technique, Rolling in Skyward sword allows you to traverse areas fast and dodge enemies’ projectiles and attacks.

However, to roll in Skyward sword is a bit tricky as it requires players to first enable the sprint mechanic and press the L3 button.

But, if you do not know how to do it, keep reading the article till the end. 

How to Roll in a Skyward Sword?

Skyward Sword was first released in 2018, which was exclusive to the Wii U console. Controls in the Wii U console were also very unique, where the player had to use both movement sticks and motion sensors.

Although the motion control was amazing, many players prefer to play with controls and buttons only. Adhering to Zelda players, Nintendo made tweaks that allow the player to completely disregard motion and only play with the controller.

But the game was heavily based on the motion; changing into controllers only made the game movement complex that affected rolling within the game. Due to such issues, many players were stuck in the rolling stages.

Perform Roll With Controls Only

Because of such complexity, I have made steps to perform roll only with controllers.

Here is the procedure for new players to follow.

  1. Face forward using the ZL button.
  2. Use movement thumbstick forward while holding the “B” Button.
  3. Once you are in sprint animation, your stamina will also be shown depleting.
  4. Press the Left thumbstick down(L3) while you are in running animation. (This is tricky when you have to press the same button twice in a different way to activate roll. )

If you’re wondering where the L3 button is in the controller, just pressing the movement Left thumbstick(L3) down from the middle will activate L3. It will make the clicked sound once pressed.

The L3 button is also used in various parts of the game. It might be confusing at first but you will soon get used to it. Rolling and bumping into trees will also make various objects fall, giving you items like hearts, rupees and bugs for collections.

Motion Control Way of Rolling

There are two different ways of rolling in the game. One with Sticks and buttons which I have explained above. Other one is with motion control. While sprinting, just flick the left Wiimote or switch Joy Con and you will activate roll animation. The same mechanic goes to the Switch console too.

Ways Of Rolling in Skyward Sword. 

You can not only roll yourself to freedom, but also your bird, pots, boulders and tree trunks.

Barrel Roll with Loftwing

Your bird can do a barrel roll when its stamina is regained. Your bird(Loftwing) has three stamina wings which can be used by pressing the “X” button. Doing a barrel roll will increase your bird speed for a short period of time.

Rolling Bombs, Pots and Tree Trunks

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To roll pots, you should simply pull the right thumbstick down while holding the pot in your hand and press the ZR button to roll. For a motion controller, use the motion of rolling a bowling ball while the pot is in your hand.

Rolling tree trunks will reveal shortcuts. It also allows players to climb places that were once hard to reach. So if you see any tree trunks lying around, just roll them. Rolling them also might reveal some items like embers that are very useful for upgrading items like shields and other weapons.

What is Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD?

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It’s the new and improved version of the old Skyward sword that was released on Nov 18, 2011.  Legend of Zelda and its remastered game is console exclusive which can only be played on Nintendo Wii and Switch. 

Although the old Skyward Sword was playable without a controller, it was heavily dependent on motion control from swinging swords to aiming at enemies. The new remastered version of switch allows players to play with traditional methods too. 


What Is the Difference Between Skyward Sword and Skyward Sword Hd?

With Updated High Definition Graphic, you can soar through the sky with a crisp and clear view. 2011 Skyward sword lacked smooth graphics due to its hardware limitation. Nintendo switch solved that problem.

Is Skyward Sword HD Better Than the Original?

With its new and improved traditional controller, You can now play Skyward Sword HD only with the controller without having to worry about using motion anymore.  

Is There Any Other Way to Play Skyward Sword HD Besides Nintendo Switch.

You can play Skyward Sword on your PC. However it requires at least a low end gaming PC and you have to go through various different procedures, from installing an emulator to downloading pirated game.

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