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Sweden is home to some of the world’s most talented gamers and streamers, and the streaming community in this Nordic country is only growing.

In this article, we’ll be introducing you to the seven hottest Swedish streamers on Twitch in 2023, with a short overview of each one. With their unique personalities and gaming styles, these streamers are sure to make an impression in the streaming world.

  1. Demisux

Demisux is one of the top Swedish streamers on Twitch, but she’s not your average pro gamer. She is easily the hottest Streamer among the bunch. Her giggles and funny interactions with the chat makes her even more appealing. She’s like a full-blown badass model who chose to stream full-time on Twitch.

She’s known for being an entertaining commentator and providing humorous insight into the games she plays, even though she isn’t always the best at them. Despite that, she’s still able to draw in viewers and have fun playing with them. Demisux promises that her gaming skills aren’t the greatest, but that doesn’t stop her from having a good time. Her commentary and unique style are what sets her apart from other streamers, and it’s why his viewers keep coming back for more.


  1. DoggieStreamerFI

GamerCityNews DoggieStreamerFI IESF World Esports Championships Returns with Record Number 120 Countries – European Gaming Industry News

As the name suggest, we’ve found a streamer who adopts a doggie persona. DoggieStreamerFI is a rising Swedish streamer on Twitch who specializes in playing Slots. Having been streaming for quite some time now, DoggieStreamerFI has earned a steady following of fans and loyal viewers due to their friendly and engaging manner.

From their energetic reactions to whatever is happening on the new casinos, to their occasional cosplay, DoggieStreamerFI has shown that they can engage a wide audience. Their stream is quite unique and is always a fun time.

  1. swedenstrong

According to his Twitch bio, Swedenstrong is another Swedish Twitch livestream who plays Dota 2 and gets high. He is the kind of guy who streams incredible gameplay of his Dota 2 skills in the hopes of astound his audience. The majority of the time, he remains hidden behind the camera and takes on the persona of an anime character. However, when he streams with his cam turned on, his presence and vibes endear themselves to the viewers, and on top of that, the Dota 2 gameplay is something else entirely. Since he does not keep a regular streaming schedule, there is a chance that you will be able to watch one of his live streams at some point.

  1. swedengirl98

Meet Swedengirl98, a spontaneous girl who loves to stream a little bit of good and mixed content! She’s been streaming for a few years now and has quite a following. Her streams are known for their randomness, filled with anything from gaming, singing, and just generally having a good time. She’s also known for her helpful advice, always giving out useful tips for those wanting to get into streaming.  Her physical appearance is an intriguing part of his viewership, which makes her more entertaining and pleasing to the eye.

If you’re looking to join her community, feel free to join her Discord where you can get information on when she’ll be streaming and even write with her in the chat. Whether you’re new to streaming or a veteran in the game, Swedengirl98 is sure to make your experience an enjoyable one!

  1. swedendg

David, better known as swedendg, is a 22-year-old Twitch streamer from Sweden. He is known for his positive and educational attitude which he loves to share with his viewers. When it comes to his hobbies, David loves to build sound cars and fix cars in general. Additionally, David works as a machinist and engineer.

On his Twitch channel, swedendg streams the popular video game Grand Theft Auto V. He loves to show off his skills in the game while also providing helpful tips and advice to those who are newer to the game. David’s stream is full of excitement and humour, making it an enjoyable watch for anyone who tunes in.

  1. SwedeBadass

SwedeBadass is one of the hottest Swedish streamers on Twitch in 2023. He has not streamed for the past three years due to his military service but is now ready to jump back into streaming. SwedeBadass will not be able to maintain a solid streaming schedule due to his military service, but he will still be streaming as much as possible.

His streams will focus on gameplay instead of discussing the military too much, which is something many viewers appreciate. SwedeBadass plays a variety of games, including first-person shooters, battle royale games, and other popular titles.

He is always looking for new friends and viewers to join his streams and help him create the best content possible. He has a nice beard and overall looks like a model to be streaming on Twitch, his physical appeal and chill music in the background has what attracted the viewers and are eagerly waiting for his comeback on Twitch.

  1. Sweden

One of the most renowned and hottest streamers in Sweden is Andreas Svensson Åkerman, also known as Svenne. He was awarded The Hero of the Year in Swedish Gaming 2018/2019 for his tireless efforts in helping promote eSports in the country. He is a founder and leader of several organizations including Svenska E-Sportförbundet, Team Sweden, Speedrun International, and European Speedrunner Assembly.

Svenne is also an avid gamer and streamer, who has dedicated much of his time to helping others achieve their gaming goals. On Twitch, he streams a wide variety of games such as VALORANT, and Hearthstone. Svenne has a funky look and always entertains his streamers with the banters and the personality he has adopted for his streaming. He always wears funky-looking glasses that appeal to and attract his viewers.



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