I’m sold, the new Evercade EXP is the most stylish retro console yet

Blaze just revealed the Evercade EXP and I want one like Pac-Man needs power pills. If you’re looking for a video game console alternative to the norm with an eye for design that celebrates the quirks of retro gaming, then the recently announced Evercade EXP should be high up your most-wanted list. 

Retro gaming has grown in recent years from the niche hobby of dumpster divers into a creative and on-trend designer market. We have a guide to the best retro gaming consoles to learn more, and it includes design classics from Nintendo and Commodore. You can read my Evercade review to catch up on the first console from Blaze, but the new Evercade EXP takes the idea a step further. And I love it. 

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