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The Mysterious Control Panel for Genshin Impact is necessary to use certain tools and opening doors in the Desert Ruins of Sumeru. In every case interaction requires an artifact from the Red Sand Slab. Not all remotes are initially available for interaction. So when you wish to open them, you should, first, pump a speedometer to create a speedometer to the different mechanisms.

This guide shows how to activate the Mysterious Control Panel in Genshin Impact, show its variation and how they correspond to the symbols on the Red Sands Plate.

Which control unit does this Mysterious Control Panel have for you?

If the Mysterious Control Stations are activated, various changes can occur in the desert.

You can solve puzzles without a ring. A door opens from the flinchest corners of the desert ruins, including quests (Haj Nisut and Duat Hall).

A separate article contains the new puzzle mechanics in the deserts of the Dendro region.

What do the symbols on the Mysterious Control Panel mean?

The mysterious remotes were ranked according to the symbols imprinted on them. They are the height of access used in the game as the power level, so the unlocking key must have the Red Sands Slab. Among the symbols:

Seals: from 0 to 4, enable you to control different scouts and unlock doors. Hajjnisut, description. Symbol of the house of the Duat.

The lighted lights on the Stove show that the number of symbols on the remote control must match the lit symbol. If it is enough to be pumped, the remote switch will glow blue and be available for interactions. Using red rays then this indicates it is a poor quantity of water in the pot.

Check out the screenshots of the unique pedestals at the Hajj Nisut Museum and the Duat Hall:

In the pictures in which we show five remotes – power level from 0 to 4:00:00:06:30.

Relect power, to turn these remotes from red to blue. This is an example of how to do this in a separate article.

The power cord is activated.

Let’s make a few examples of how to unlock the pedestal in the game. The screenshot shows a variant that complies with four seals, blocking the truth’s cell.

You must check the number of active symbols in the Red Sands Plate to find out how high level level is required to use that mysterious control panel. In this case, there are four signs to be lit.

To do that, open the inventory section, put the task off, use the Stove and look the number of blue symbols. It has 4 characters unlocked. This is why the pedestal is in blue and activated.

Press F and break the marrow from the truth.

Thus, it’s possible to determine whether the control panel is available for activation and how much more power need to be pumped to open the mechanism.

I would be glad the guide helped you understand the complex mechanics of the Mysterious Control Station in Genshin. Always find your favourite article. That site is constantly updated with new Genshin Impact guides. Take a moment to get acquainted.

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