IOGEAR Unveils New Unikomm Universal Gaming Headset


IOGEAR revealed a brand new item this week for gamers on a budget as they’ve released the Unikomm Universal Gaming Headset. Designed by Kaliber Games, this headset was created to compete with bigger brand name models while also being able to be instantly affordable by comparison. Which you can immediately see on their website as this is priced at $25. The headset is compatible with consoles, PC, and mobile devices, as it comes equipped with 50 mm drivers, onboard volume, and audio controls, all encased in a lightweight design with noise-isolating ear cups on a four-way swivel. You can check out more about the headset below as it looks like it might make for a good option at the moment if you need a quick headset replacement without a ton of cash.

Credit: IOGEAR

The Unikomm Universal Gaming Headset is designed to deliver immersive highs and powerful bass for any budget. Features include large 50mm drivers inside noise-isolating four-way swiveling ear cups for a more comfortable fit, onboard volume control, and mute switch, a flexible detachable boom microphone, and a universal 3.5mm audio connector making it compatible with any Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo game consoles as well as PC/Mac and most mobile devices.

Lightweight design with noise-isolating ear cup design and four-way swivel ear cups enable a comfortable perfect fit for those marathon gaming sessions. Enhanced 50mm driver will keep you immersed in any game with powerful bass and immersive highs. Mute your microphone or adjust the volume from the headset on the fly without additionally wires or dongles. Use the adjustable microphone to communicate with team members during the latest marathon game session or remove it for music listening. The comfortable design makes it easy to switch between gaming with friends to communicating with coworkers via remote work or interacting during online classes.

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