Is a Squid Game video game coming in the near future?

second season of Squid Game announced by Netflix, but casting was also announced for a reality TV competition inspired by the series. And it has one of the biggest cash prizes in reality history. Casting is now open, and you can compete for your share of $4.56 million if you are one of the 456 contestants chosen.

With how many spin-offs and different takes on the Squid Game show that we are getting., it is hard to believe that we have not gotten a sniff at a Squid Game video game. I think that one is going to be coming soon rather than later. After all, with how successful this show has been, a video game would be sure to sell a plethora of copies if done right.

With Netflix recently launching its own catalog of mobile games, some inspired by their own series, there’s officially a home for where it could live. And, funny enough, they even Squid Game mention it in the initial press release.

A Squid Game video game can even take some mechanics from Fall Guys where the longer you last the more currency or aesthetics you can unlock for your character so you can customize them. It will be interesting to see how Netflix continues to expand upon the success of Squid Game, and a video game would be a great opportunity to reach a new audience.

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