Is It Necessary for Video Game Developers to Make Their Games Favorable for Streamers and Content Creators?

Video game streaming has become a full-time job for a bunch of people nowadays. They just sit and play games the whole day entertaining the viewers in their own ways. This has created a market for itself, people playing games and people watching people play games.

And currently, this market is really getting a lot of traction. There are more video game streamers than ever and there are more people watching those streamers than ever. And this boost might just be harming gaming in its own weird way!

Video game streamers are not video game reviewers!


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When a person starts streaming a game, they usually play one game most of the time. This is the one game that they have been playing for the longest time and the one game that they are most familiar with.

Another streamer just picks up a game that is more likely to get traction on streaming platforms. Games like Outlast. They can give over-exaggerated reactions and get a response from the audience. It is all good when these “gamers” just stay in that bubble. But nowadays this has really become a nuisance.

Streamers when looking for new popular games to stream just go and criticize actual games for being games. They want every game to be streamable. Every game needs to have weird moments and every game needs to have reaction-worthy sequences.

They forget that not every developer is desperate enough to make games that go viral. Some are just in the business to make games that people play and enjoy. Now every game can be streamed, but only streaming games like Mafia 3 and Arkham Asylum do not get the same response as Fortnite and Warzone 2.0.

And it’s good that they don’t. These are games made for very different types of audiences, and it is not always possible for developers to cater to everyone at once. But getting a few thousand followers really clouds people’s judgment. Eventually, a thought can take shape about some wanting games that can be streamed.

There’s always a silver lining

Not all streamers’ turn is like that though. Many understand this problem, especially those who do not rely on whatever game is popular nowadays. Some streamers have played games, they speed runs, and they do live let’s play.


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We have seen numerous gamers playing games like Death Stranding, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Elden ring, and even The Last of us series on their streams while giving some real feedback on games.

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And we would never hear such streamers demand more “Streamable” games from developers. They know what their content is.


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