Is there a League of Legends Wordle? Yordle explained

Wordle has taken the world by storm over the last few months. The word-based puzzle game requires players to solve a five-letter word in six or fewer attempts, and is only available once per day, which, combined with how easy it is to learn, has led to the simple activity becoming a worldwide sensation.

The web-based word game was initially created by Josh Wardle. and released in October 2021 before being acquired by The New York Times, which later moved Wordle to its own website.

The puzzle’s massive popularity has led to many Wordle-esque games being created, such as Heardle and Nerdle. Still, few were able to bridge the gap between the puzzle game and online video games until Yordle entered the space.

What is Yordle?

Yordle is a Wordle-like puzzle game created by two League of Legends fans back in March 2022 that requires players to guess a five or six-letter League champion name. The word “yordle” comes from the race of creatures in the video game’s lore.

The online puzzle has since evolved from just League champion names to include item and skill names from the popular MOBA as well.

Aside from adjusting the theme, Yordle has remained mostly similar to the original Wordle. Players have six chances to guess the word, with each guess providing more clues to the correct answer. If a letter’s background is gray after the guess, it means that letter is not contained in the secret word. If the background is yellow, it means the letter is contained in the final word, but is in an incorrect column, and green signifies that the letter is in the word and is also in the correct position.

Despite being unofficial, the online puzzle game is a fun pastime for fans of League of Legends.

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