“It’s already changed” – Mizkif addresses controversy surrounding pricing of Starforge System’s PCs

During a recent stream, Twitch star Matthew “Mizkif” addressed the controversy shrouding One True King and Charlie “MoistCr1TiKaL’s” joint venture, Starforge Systems.

Yesterday, fellow Twitch content creator Kristopher “KristoferYee” criticized Starforge System’s $3,399 PC and claimed that users could save $600 by building a custom PC.

The next day, Mizkif reacted to the viral r/LivestreamFail clip and revealed that Starforge Systems had changed its pricing structure. He stated:

“You know what’s funny? We already changed it. It’s already changed, so I don’t know if; where this video is going, or what he’s trying to do, but… uh… we already changed it. We were already going to change it like a week before, but I’m really, ‘All right, easy!'”

GamerCityNews  “It’s already changed” - Mizkif addresses controversy surrounding pricing of Starforge System’s PCs

Mizkif reacts to KristoferYee’s criticisms of Starforge PC’s pricing

During KristoferYee’s August 20 livestream, the PC building enthusiast looked at Starforge Systems’ custom builds. He provided some strong opinions for a $3,399 build called the “Starforge Horizon Creator Edition PC” and stated:

“A literal creator edition PC for nearly $3,500, and you’re using a processor that is bad for content creation. You’re telling me if I’m paying $3,500, you can’t spend 20 extra bucks to get me just the 12900K model so I can have a content creation PC that is good for content creation!” Are you joking? Like, what the? If I’m paying almost four grand for a computer and you don’t give a $20 upgrade. Are you f***ing kidding me?”

The following day, Mizkif hosted a six-hour-long stream and reacted to some of the most viral clips on the streamer subreddit. At the 26-minute mark, he stumbled upon KristoferYee’s clip.

Mizkif addressed the controversy by clarifying that Starforge Systems has already changed the pricing structure of the builds and expanded further by saying:

“Someone said, ‘Bullied into being a good company’, that’s just not true! Listen, that is a great company. It’s one that is willing to take criticism and change. That is what’s important in a company is to be able to take criticism and change your product, or change things, if people deem that they want something different. That is what makes us, what we’ve done so far, great! Bullying works!”

Timestamp: 00:26:28

After hearing KristoferYee’s statement that consumers can save $600 by building their PCs, Mizkif claimed that he did not understand the former’s logic and stated that users were paying for a service:

“That is the worst logic in the world. That is the most; that is the worst logic in the world. If you want, if you can… I hate that idea. If you build this yourself, that’s the logic that’s always said is, if you want to build this yourself. It’s… chat, you’re paying for a service. I don’t understand that logic.”

The Austin, Texas-based streamer provided an analogy:

“Do you guys; when, okay, do you guys do your own oil changes with your own cars? You could do it yourself, by the way, chat, and not spend like, any money. Yes? Okay.”

KristoferYee questioned whether paying $600 for two hours of PC building service was worthwhile. Mizkif disagreed with the take and stated:

“That logic is stupid too. I’m sorry chat, I’ve watched my friends build their own PCs, it doesn’t take you two hours. It’s… that’s not true, whatsoever. Where do you think you can build your own PC first time, by yourself in two hours? Like, no way!”

The discussion on the subject came to a close when the OTK co-founder mentioned:

“But the thing is, we already changed this product. What he was saying, we’re already deeming that’s an issue, and we were trying to change it. We already changed it. So, that’ it! We already changed it, and I’m glad we did.”

Fans react to Mizkif’s statements

More than 140 fans were present in the YouTube comments section, and here are some of the most relevant fan reactions:

GamerCityNews svg> “It’s already changed” - Mizkif addresses controversy surrounding pricing of Starforge System’s PCs
Fans reacting to the streamer addressing drama surrounding Starforge Systems (Image via OTKlips/YouTube)

MoistCr1TiKaL addressed the initial backlash from the gaming and streaming communities at the month’s onset.

He indicated that the company’s board members had taken note of the fan reactions and claimed that Starforge Systems was adapting and changing the pricing structure to improve it.

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