Jackeylove’s Zeri Does 22,000 Damage In Single Teamfight

Time and again League of Legends players have pointed out how menacing and obnoxious Zeri is. While she gets banned most times, the few instances where she makes it onto the Rift turn into real nightmares. In pro play especially, teams either ban her or first pick the champion, knowing her limits and powers. A “Ah, told you Zeri’s broken” situation panned out in the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) during the series between Top Esports (TES) and JD Gaming (JDG) in the Summer Playoffs on 26th August. Notably, TES’ attack damage carry (ADC) Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-Bo dished out 22K damage with Zeri in one single team fight.

Jackeylove electrocutes JDG to the ground

The Top Esports vs JD Gaming series in the LPL Summer Playoffs was a spectacle and delivered on hype and entertainment. Top Esports ended up losing the series to JDG that reverse swept TES but Jackeylove showed how scary his Zeri is in Game 2 of the best-of-five series. The first game was very back-and-forth but TES was able to close it out in under 35-minutes with an 8K gold lead.

In the second game, Jackeylove’s Zeri was paired with Lulu in the bottom lane and the ADC truly popped off and might have created a new record for all-time damage dealt by a player in a single teamfight. TES was in a tough spot in the game and was almost 5K behind on gold and lost multiple objectives to JDG.

At 41 minutes, JDG had secured the Ocean soul and was already pushed into TES’ base but it did not account for Zeri’s late-game build. In what everyone thought would be the last fight of the game, JDG fought in TES’ base and unfortunately became easy targets for Zeri to kite around.

Jackeylove steadily fought with the help of Lulu and secured a quadra kill after dishing out 22,405 damage in that single team fight.

Notably, Jackeylove had the highest damage in the game where he dealt 92K damage in total with his 15/2/4 scoreline.

Zeri’s stats in pro play

Zeri has been an absolute monster of a pick in the 2022 Summer Split across all regions. A few weeks back we saw the champion rain havoc and in professional League of Legends. According to , the following are the Zeri stats from all the regions in LoL Esports in Summer:

It will not be a surprise if Riot Games chooses to nerf Zeri in the coming patches if she continues to stomp on enemies in pro play and Solo Queue as we approach Worlds 2022.

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