Key Xbox Insider Update Can Help You Sort Your Games in Its Library

When it comes to video game consoles, there are things that are just as important as the games themselves. You’ll likely hear people talk online about how they wish Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo would improve certain things on the home page, interface, or shops of their various platforms. Nowadays, it’s not just about playing games on systems–it’s about being sure you can go through your system’s various pages without getting lost. Having to take a lot of time to search for something is a bummer, like a digital game that you downloaded but haven’t played for some time. A new Xbox Insider update is aiming to help with that problem.

If you are a part of this program, you’ll have just gotten an update that’ll give you the ability to divide up your games into even more tabs. Some had already been put into the system, but with this new update, you’ll be able to view all the games that you have on that system at once, even being able to sort them alphabetically, or by another means if you so choose.

There are multiple tiers of the Xbox Insider program, so if you’re not seeing it just yet, it might be because you’re not at a high enough level. However, this is meant to be a test program among other things, and as such, the service will go live eventually. But for those in the ‘Alpha Skip Ahead’ tier, you’re going to be able to see it for yourself.

There are some other key updates in this too, including being able to adjust sleep settings, plus there have been some fixes to issues that had been brought up by other updates. All in all, a basic yet fulfilling update for Xbox users.

It’s always interesting to see how the main three publishers try and improve things over time, and this is a great example of them trying to make things easier for their gamers.

Of course, Microsoft was in the news recently for a much different reason. As they made it clear that despite all that was going on with the superconductor chip shortage that has been happening across the world, they aren’t going to raise the prices of the Xbox One X or S. This is in contrast to Sony who revealed that they’ll be doing that in places around the world save for the United States.

This is a big issue, and for both Microsoft and Nintendo, who also said no price high would happen, to basically stand against Sony on this basically proves that not everything is about money, it’s about the customers. We’ll have to see where it all goes from here.


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