KOTOR 2 DLC for Nintendo Switch seemingly delayed as it misses 2022 release window

The Nintendo Switch saw the launch of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 – The Sith Lords (or KOTOR 2) back in June 2022. The developers also promised that the extra DLC will also make its way to the portable platform in Q3 2022. However, with the promised wait period nearing an end, said DLC is nowhere in sight.

KOTOR 2 is one of the most acclaimed RPGs out there, alongside the monolithic original, with developer Aspyr Media handling the conversion. With no news about the DLC’s launch, it seems that the community will miss out on it this quarter.

Could KOTOR 2’s DLC have been canceled for Nintendo Switch?

KOTOR 2 was first released in 2004 for the original Xbox console and was developed by Obsidian, the studio now known for RPGs like Fallout: New Vegas (2010) and The Outer Worlds (2019).

Given the popularity of both the Nintendo Switch console and the game, it is no surprise that fans would want to double dip on such a memorable experience. As such, they were also anticipating the Restorated Content DLC, which will add in some new content and bug fixes.

Unfortunately, KOTOR 2 saw a rushed development cycle. With a little over a year spent in the works, the final product was buggy and even unfinished with regards to some story beats. The fan-patch adds in new dialog and even quests; while it by no means fixes the title fully or restores it to its intended glory, it is still a step up over the base game.

@AspyrMedia Pardon me, but is there any update on when the Restored Content DLC will arrive for KotOR 2 on the Switch? I recently got the game, but I heard that older saves will be incompatible with the DLC, so I’ve been waiting to start. And the only date I can find is Q3 2022.

On that note, with radio silence on Aspyr Media’s end, KOTOR fans are left hanging with regards to the Nintendo Switch port. This is important to mention because the studio also confirmed back in June that the base game’s save files will not be compatible with the DLC mod.

In simple terms, players who begin KOTOR 2 before having the DLC installed, and progress into the game, will not be able to use the DLC on that save. This makes sense given the number of significant changes the Restored Content mod brings to the table.

@Politicanomics Hi, base game save files will not be compatible with The Sith Lords Restored Content DLC, but you can access any previous save files by disabling the DLC content in the in-game main menu 🙂

They can continue by disabling the DLC from the menu, but it is hardly a solution for those looking to check out what the content adds in. As such, there are only two choices here: play the vanilla experience or wait until the DLC is released. This does not fare well for the team as KOTOR 2 launched on Nintendo Switch with a number of technical issues like game-breaking bugs and crashes.

Aspyr was also working on the upcoming KOTOR Remake which was transferred to another studio. This could point to trouble within the studio as the culprit.

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