Kyler Murray’s new contract with Cardinals mandates ‘four hours of independent study’

Murray, a two-time Pro Bowler and former AP Offensive Rookie of the Year, made it clear when speaking to reporters last Friday that he “never” thought he would leave Arizona, but this contract stipulation demonstrates the Cardinals want their franchise face to be all in.

The addendum details that independent study is studying material provided to him by the team in order to prepare for the upcoming game. This is to take place, as stipulated in the addendum, for the duration of the season(s) under the contract. Per the contract, a season begins on the first Monday following the conclusion of training camp and goes through the team’s final game of the schedule, including the postseason. The clause states that the player will not receive credit for the independent study if the player “is not personally studying or watching the material while it is being displayed or played” or if the player is involved in activities that could distract his attention (i.e. television, video games or browsing the internet).

The addendum also specifies that if the player is to breach the addendum in any way during the terms of the contract, he would be deemed “in default.”

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