Legends of Runeterra Seasonal standings for A Curious Journey

The best Legends of Runeterra players around the globe competed in the A Curious Journey Seasonal playoffs, with the top four from the Americas, EMEA, and APAC earning invites to Worlds. 

Leading up to the A Curious Journey Seasonal playoffs, Riot experienced server issues during the open rounds. Qualifier points for Worlds were removed from the Seasonal tournaments altogether, but players who made it to the top four in each of the three regions could still earn direct invites. Issues were eventually resolved for the playoffs, and 12 players earned their ticket to the Legends of Runeterrra World Championship later this year.

The APAC region kicked off the A Curious Journey playoffs on May 21, with VNM. Cuốc Đẹp Chai, VNM. GM Ame, HKG. Aurora, and  WN. pinpingho earning those Worlds invites. The grand final match featured pinpingho on Riven/Fizz against Aurora, with pinpingho earning the victory. This was the second LoR Seasonal win for Pinpingo, having previously won the Monuments of Power Seasonal tournament. 

In the EMEA region, it was SWATblue, Gouda ddy, o5WTF, and Redwinter97 earning the LoR Words invites. Redwinter brought Scouts to the final grand match, playing against o5WTF on Viego, and it was Scouts that won the title for Redwinter97. 

And in the Americas region, the day belonged to Prodigy, winning their grand final match against KraftyOne in a Mono-Shurima mirror.

Image via Riot Games (https://www.twitch.tv/legendsofruneterra)

Prodigy went undefeated into the grand final match before losing their first game of the day. Confidence and practice heading into the Seasonal tournament paid off as Prodigy earned the A Curious Journey Seasonal title. Players in the Americas region who qualified for LoR Worlds were Rogio, infinipatrons, TomasZamo, and Prodigy. 

Fans who missed any of the LoR Seasonal playoff action can watch VODs from each region with links to the Twitch channels featuring the regional videos found here.

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