Limited Run creates Press Run imprint to publish video game books

Limited Run Games, the U.S. game publisher that specializes in collector’s editions, has launched a new book publishing imprint called Press Run.

Press Run will publish brand new books on video games and “game-adjacent topics” on a monthly basis, starting with a selection that includes a history of the Virtual Boy called ‘Virtual Boy Works’ and ‘Super NES Works Vol. I,’ which traces the console’s journey after it arrived in the United States.

The new imprint will be led by Jeremy Parish and Jared Petty and will aim to keep its standard edition books in print for “as long as demand exists.”

Parish, who’ll serve as media curator at Press Run, said Limited Run decided to fully commit to publishing books after finding success with its first forays into the market.

“It makes perfect sense for Limited Run Games to publish books in addition to games. In fact, we’ve been doing it on and off for a few years now. In addition to the huge retrospective books that came packed in with deluxe editions of games like Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Monkey Island Anthology, and Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol. 1, we’ve also produced a handful of standalone publications like ‘Limited Run: The Complete Run Vol. I,'” said Paris.

“Those releases turned out to be so popular that we’ve decided to make a habit of it. Beginning today, Limited Run will be publishing new standalone books on a monthly basis. We’ve even created a dedicated imprint for this effort: Press Run.”

Outlining the company’s approach to purchasing and shipping, Parish said Press Run generally won’t pre-sell books, and instead of offering pre-orders for upcoming releases will only begin taking orders once a book has arrived at the warehouse for rapid dispatch.

Reiterating its core focus, Parish said the imprint will only focus on books about video games and game-related topics. “Although the line will be frontloaded with books about the medium’s history, by the end of next year you can expect to see a much wider selection of approaches represented: Books on collecting, personal memoirs, and even a novelization. Oh, and you can expect to see a quarterly magazine kick off soon, too,” added Parish.

There are also plans for Press Run to release mass market editions, digital ebooks, and audio books further down the line in a bid to make its catalog as accessible as possible.

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