Lollipop Chainsaw Remake Gets First Look at Updated Visuals

We’ve received the first, tiny glimpse at the upcoming remake of Lollipop Chainsaw. For those that aren’t familiar, Lollipop Chainsaw is a 2012 hack-and-slash game that was released on Xbox 360 and PS3 and follows a high school cheerleader as she cuts down zombies with her boyfriend’s severed (but living) head hanging from her waist. It’s a very, very silly game courtesy of Suda51 and Guardians of the Galaxy director/DC Studios head James Gunn, but it wasn’t a huge hit. It received pretty average reviews, but the tone and aesthetic of the game was heavily praised.

Nevertheless, it was confirmed last year that Lollipop Chainsaw would receive a remake on modern platforms. Given we have had remakes for cult-classics, certified bangers, and everything in between, it seems only fair this would also get the remake treatment. With the game set to release later this year, we got a small glimpse at what the remake will look like thanks to Dragami Games’ Twitter page. The company released an image to celebrate the new year and it included a picture of Juliet’s updated model. However, some users took issue with the new model, noting it looks a bit worse and she even looks paler in comparison, losing any bit of color that she originally had. Some also compared her new look to having her model to being “facetuned”, which is typically used for editing Instagram photos and can sometimes make facial features lose texture and look unnaturally smooth.

Nevertheless, it may look better when we see the full game. As of right now, we have no idea when Lollipop Chainsaw remake will release besides later this year. It’s also unclear when we’ll get our first full look at the game, but given Dragami Games is teasing things, it may not be far off. Hopefully, we can expect to learn more about the remake sometime later this spring.

Are you excited for the Lollipop Chainsaw remake and what do you think of Juliet’s updated model? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @Cade_Onder.

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